Canada Unit Study for Elementary Students

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This post is part of Our Elementary Trip Around the World series. You can visit the main post for links to unit studies about other countries!

As we travel around the world this year studying different countries, our first stop is Canada!

I had been looking for a world geography curriculum to do with my girls and I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. Something like an intro to world geography lesson plan for kids. I wanted something simple, fun, and easy. And it had to be geared toward elementary students. My main goal is just to expose them to different countries and cultures around the world.

Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for – I just decided to do it myself and find resources as I went!

We had so much fun exploring the big, beautiful, snowy country of Canada together. In an effort to help other homeschooling families looking for this type of world geography unit study, I have included all of the resources I found here in this post!


Canada Books for Kids

As an introduction to the country, we read some books about Canada…

This is a fun book about the difference provinces of Canada. Follow along on with wonderful illustrations on a trip across the country to learn about the beautiful treasures of Canada!

Robert Munsch is not only a Canadian author, but I chose this book because it is about a very cold night and well, Canada is cold. This was a great jumping off point for conversations about the climate and weather of Canada and how it compares to the climate where we live.

The Sugaring-Off Party is a wonderfully illustrated story of a family who harvests sap and makes maple sugar and maple syrup. It even has a recipe in the back to make at home!

Go through the alphabet learning all about Canada! This alphabet book has wonderful illustrations and I even learned several things about Canada that I didn’t know! I love using alphabet books in our world geography studies because it is a simple way to cover a lot of interesting facts about a country. They are well organized and short enough to keep young children’s attention span even though they are not a “story” format.

Color and Crafts

My girls love to color, so I found a coloring page of the Canadian flag for them to color.

We are big into arts and crafts in our house, so I did purchase a book, Geography Through Art. We did a maple leaf rubbing for Canada during our unity study.

Videos to Watch

Videos are a great way to “visit” the country without leaving your house. I do hope to take my girls travelling as they get older, but for now, we travel the world through YouTube. Here are some great videos to include in your homeschool Canada unit study.

Video to accompany the Canadian National Anthem

Information about Canada

Canada song by Raffi

IMAX over Canada (long, but you can watch a portion for the amazing scenery)

More Hands-On Activities

I wanted to find some good hands-on activities for my kids to become familiar with the Canadian symbols and some facts about Canada. This I Spy: Canada Day printable was a perfect start. It comes in three levels, so all three girls could do one!

We did a few lapbooks last year when we were studying life science, so I thought that might be a good fit for some of our world geography unit studies. I found this Canada lapbook from Homeschool Share.

The lapbook had a ton of stuff, so we picked out what was most age appropriate and fit on our folder.

We really enjoyed learning about Canada and all it’s amazing landscapes, culture, weather, people, history, and more during this unit study! I hope you found something that you can use in your homeschool geography studies here!

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