215 Free Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Resources

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Looking for a Kindergarten homeschool curriculum can be overwhelming. There are so many choices. Should you order an all-in-one curriculum? Mix and match different kindergarten resources that you like? What should you focus on in this foundational year? Do I need to teach my child to read this year?! Before you make any big purchases or over plan your homeschool year, let me just say that I think a simple kindergarten homeschool schedule is the best and most effective – you can always add to it as you go!

Kindergarten is often the first time homeschool moms are doing any kind of formal teaching with their children and it’s only natural to make sure you do a good job and give your child a good start on their educational journey.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to do it! Kindergarten homeschool curriculum can largely be found for free online. It might not be “open and go” like some of the pricey kindergarten programs out there. If you are looking to save some money and still teach your child all they need to learn in kindergarten, then it is quite doable.

Let me start by saying that kindergarten standards don’t actually cover as much as you think they do. And they are meant to be covered over an entire year. Your child doesn’t need to master all of the skills listed here in September. You will be surprised how much your child and (and his brain) grows and changes over the course of his kindergarten year.

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That said, one reason a lot of people homeschool is so their child doesn’t have to conform to the public school standards. And I totally get that. I don’t follow the standards to the letter in my kindergarten homeschool schedule, either. But, I do use them as kind of a quick check to see if we are generally covering what we should be.

Kindergarten homeschool should be all (or at least a lot) about play! Kids learn so much better when movement, games, and fun are involved, so I’ve included a wide variety of resources and ideas to keep your 5 year old learning and having fun!

Today, I’d like to share 215 homeschool activities for 5 year olds that you can use to help you teach kindergarten this year. I’ve rounded up free printables, activity ideas, games, kindergarten math songs, and more to help make your kindergarten homeschool year relaxing, simple, and fun!

Kindergarten Math Resources

Kindergarten math standards can be broken into five categories: counting and cardinality, measurement and data, operations and algebraic thinking (don’t let that word scare you), geometry (also known as shapes in kindergarten), and numbers and operations in base 10.

In regular terms, the categories cover

>counting to 100 by ones and tens, becoming very familiar with numbers 0-20, and realizing that each numeral stands for a number

>comparing numbers 0-20

>describing objects (color, weight, height, etc) and comparing objects

>sorting and classifying objects

>simple addition with numbers 0-10

>place value for one and two-digit numbers

>describe the position of an object

>identify and compare 2-D and 3-D shapes

I’ve gathered free resources for each of these skills, and a few more below. It is so important in kindergarten to include more than just worksheets because children are still working on their fine motor skills. Using stickers, cutting, and placing objects in specific places can all work on those gross and fine motor skills! Just click on the link to take you to the resource. If you find a link that is not working, please let me know in the comments, so I can remove it or find something else to take its place.

Happy hunting!

Count to 100

Skip Counting with Money Activity Sheet from Teach Me. I’m Yours.

skip counting to 100 hundreds chart from Education.com

free skip counting resources from Teachers Pay Teachers

skip counting activity by 2s, 5s, and 10s from The Curriculum Corner

activities for skip counting by mathisfun.com

skip counting mazes from Confessions of a Homeschooler

using chalk to practice skip counting from Kids Activity Blog

printable puzzles for skip counting from Life Over Cs

Skip counting cards from Teach Me. I’m Yours. (that’s me!)

lacing plates for skip counting from 123homeschool4me

Number Bubble game by ABCya.com

skip counting songs on YouTube

Count and Write Numbers to 20

Number Recognition Caterpillar (Subitizing) 1-10 by Teach Me. I’m Yours.

Free activities and worksheets for counting to 20 from Teachers Pay Teachers

more counting resources from Teachers Pay Teachers

Free worksheets from Education.com

number sense to 20 activities from Proud to be Primary

a free PDF from Intensive Intervention that has some good ideas and a fun rhyme for writing the numbers 1-9

Activity Math K horizontal Ad blue background

monster count and clip cards from The Measured Mom

worksheets for 1-20 from The Preschool Mom

count the room activity from The Kindergarten Connection

Free math resources from Southern Cross Consultancy – lots of topics here!

Activities for counting from 11-20 from The Teaching Mama

writing numbers 11-20 worksheets from Pam Barnhill

a YouTube playlist I created for counting from 0-20

free worksheets from 11-20 from The Measured Mom

building numbers 11-20 from Math Geek Mama

worksheets for 11-20 from Math Salamanders

Compare Groups of Objects

lesson plan for comparing groups from ThoughtCo.

more and less number comparison graphs – this goes right to Google Drive and there is no copyright on the page, so if it’s yours please let me know, so I can give you credit!

roll and cover one more activity from Kate in Kinder

more or less Jack and the Beanstalk activity from Pre-K Pages

less or more worksheets from megaworkbook.com

lots of kindergarten math worksheets from littledotseducation.com

greater than, less than activities from The Measured Mom

one-to-one correspondence up to 20

apple seed counting mats from Simply Living Creatively Learning

seed counting cards from Modern Preschool

watermelon seed counting activity from The Kindergarten Connection

Watermelon printable activity from Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls

fish bubble counting mats up to 10 from The Measured Mom

Underwater sticker counting sheets from 11-20 from Teach Me. I’m Yours.

one-to-one counting activity ideas from Pre-K Pages

more one-to-one activity ideas from A Wellspring of Worksheets

Comparing Attributes (height, weight, length, etc.)

free comparison worksheets and activities from Teachers Pay Teachers

free worksheets from Education.com

comparison worksheets from Little Worksheets

measurement worksheets from BigLearners.com

fun ideas for creating your own balance from Kindergarten Kindergarten

pumpkin math measuring activity from Little Bins for Little Hands

Classifying Objects

classifying worksheets from mathworksheetland.com

free classifying worksheets and activities from Teachers Pay Teachers

free sorting objects worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers

sorting and categorizing worksheets from My Teaching Station

15 ideas to practice sorting from Stay at Home Educator

classification games from kindergarten-lessons.com

8 tools to teach sorting from kindergartenworks.com

Addition and subtraction to 10

intro to addition and subtraction form Khan Academy

adding and subtracting with objects from This Reading Mama

Addition and subtraction game ideas from Proud to be Primary

addition and subtraction game from The Measured Mom

Sums to 10 Maze from Teach Me. I’m Yours. (that’s me!)

add or subtract Bingo from wismath.org

simple addition and subtraction word problems from We Are Teachers (you could read the problems to your child.)

Mom Junction has some fun color by sum or difference pages

color by addition and subtraction pages from Teachers Pay Teachers

Domino Addition and Subtraction Activity Pages by Teach Me. I’m Yours.

10 fairy tale addition coloring pages from The Measured Mom

color by code addition pages from The Stem Laboratory

2D and 3D Shapes

free shape worksheets from Education.com

shape worksheets from My Teaching Station

worksheets, activities, and games for shapes from Preschool Mom

color by shape printables from The Kindergarten Connection

find and color the shapes worksheets at allkidsnetwork.com

printable shape booklet from ThoughtCo

pattern block mats from prekinders.com

2D shapes printable pack from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games

3D shapes free activities and printables from Life Over Cs

2D shape activities from Life Over Cs

shape activities from Packet of Preschool (the activities are below the printables that are not free)

some great ideas here for teaching 2D shapes from Kindergarten Works

10 Activities for describing 3D shapes from Kindergarten Works

2D shape description Bingo from Kindergarten Works

magnetic tangrams printables from Tot Schooling

hidden shapes game from Kindergarten Works

2D shapes booklet from Kindergarten Works

how to draw 2D shapes from Kindergarten Works

activities for teaching shapes from prekinder.com

Place Value

a place value mystery number song from Miss Kindergarten

place value game from The Measured Mom

online place value games from Education.com

hands-on place value activities from Teacher Thrive

place value war from childhood 101

place value scavenger hunt from Primary Theme Park

place value stacking cups activity from We Are Teachers

place value video from Math and Learning Videos 4 Kids

Lego math place value activity from Science Kiddo

decomposing teen numbers activity from Teach Plan Collaborate

teen numbers place value worksheet from keepingmykiddobusy.com

number line place value activity from Hands On as We Grow

rainbow math place value activity from School Time Snippets

place value toss from Saddle Up for 2nd Grade

learning place value with building blocks from Teach Me Mommy

place value Whack It! game from Creekside Learning

Decompose Numbers 11-19

decomposing worksheet and activity from Kindergarten Works

free composing and decomposing activities on Teachers Pay Teachers

decomposing and number worksheets from ABCs, 123s for Me!

Roll it! Make it! Expand it! worksheet from Classroom Freebies Too

Describing the Position of Objects

positional words cut and paste books from The Measured Mom

where is the snowman cut and paste from Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

positional words book from Cahill’s Creations

Pete the Cat activity from Christina’s Kinder Blossoms

Where’s the Bear? worksheet from greatschools.org

zoo positional words printable from No Stress Homeschooling

positional word freebie from Pint Size Learners

position worksheets from mathskills4kids.com

left and right worksheet from myteachingstation.com

above, on, and below worksheet from myteachingstation.com

Kindergarten Language Arts

Kindergarten language arts standards focus on pre-reading and pre-writing skills such as letter sounds, syllables, narration (telling a story or telling about a story), and basic writing and grammar.

Just like in math, I don’t follow the standards to a T, but I do use them as a jumping-off point when I am planning my kindergarten homeschool schedule to make sure we are generally covering what needs to be covered. I have used the major parts of the standards when looking for free kindergarten curriculum for you. Let’s get right to it!

Standards Covered by Reading to Your Child

>Read a story and ask your child questions about the story. As your child gets comfortable answering questions, put a (gentle) emphasis on answering in complete sentences.

>”book reports” – After you read a story have your child tell you what the story was about or what happened in the story. If you want to record their efforts, simply grab a piece of paper and write down what they tell you.

>The “book reports” can be done for fiction and non-fiction books.

>Have your child tell you in what order a set of events took place in a book.

>Author Study – Read several books by the same author and discuss with your child how they are the same and how they are different.

>Identify the main topic of a book or text and a few details about it.

>Ask your child what they think an unknown word might mean based on the context of the story. Discuss possible meanings. You can even look the word up after you discuss it.

>Discuss the parts of a book – cover, author, illustrator, illustrations, text, captions, chapter titles, page numbers, table of contents, index, etc.

>Use context from the story to identify people/items/characters in the accompanying illustrations.

>Talk about grammar. Particular attention can be paid to capitalizing the first word in a sentence, capitalizing names, and punctuation (., ?, !).

>Discuss parts of speech – verb, adjective, noun, pronoun.

>Discuss opposites.

Upper and Lowercase Letters

upper and lowercase letter matching worksheets from biglearners.com

handwriting activities and worksheets for uppercase and lowercase from Teachers Pay Teachers

“find the letter” worksheets from The Measured Mom

alphabet chart and worksheets from Doozy Moo

alphabet tracing worksheet from Ziggity Zoom Learning

uppercase and lowercase letter crafts from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

geoboard letter match activity from A Little Pinch of Perfect

uppercase and lowercase letter matching activity from Living Well Mom

A to Z letter finds from 123 Homeschool 4 Me


fairy tale themed syllable cards from Teach Me I’m Yours

free syllable activities from Teachers Pay Teachers

dot the syllables worksheets from This Reading Mama

free syllables worksheets from Education.com

word syllable worksheets from cleverlearner.com

breaking words into syllables from superteachersworksheets.com

syllable counting printables from The Letters of Literacy


rhyming worksheets from k5learning.com

lots of rhyming activities and printables from This Reading Mama

rhyming videos playlist from YouTube

rhyming worksheets from jumpstart.com – some of these are more advanced, just an FYI (rhyming “enough” with “cuff, bluff, etc., but not with through”)

Down by the Bay rhyming cards from Early Learning Ideas

rhyming match game from The Many Little Joys

rhyming word games and activities from Lessons for Little Ones

Consonant Sounds

which sound is different clip cards from The Measured Mom

beginning sounds coloring pages from The Measured Mom

consonant sorting mats from The Measured Mom

lots of consonant activities from Have Fun Teaching

tons of phonics printables and activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler

beginning sounds printables from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

cut and paste beginning sounds activity from Planes and Balloons

letter sound activities form PreKinders

alphabet match printable from Childhood 101

dinosaur beginning sound match from Fantastic Fun and Learning

CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words

color by code from Primary Playground

middle sounds cvc clip cards from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

cvc short e words booklet from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

CVC and word family activities from Teach Me. I’m Yours.

free cvc worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers

cvc worksheets from Havefunteaching.com

rainbow cvc word puzzles from The Kindergarten Connection

sandcastle cvc word activity from The Letters of Literacy

cvc interactive notebook from Life over Cs

cvc words activity pages from This Reading Mama

board games for cvc words from Playdough to Plato

short vowel cvc word activity from Modern Preschool

cvc word picture puzzles from Totschooling

CVC worksheets and games from The Measured Mom

Word Families (different beginning sound, same ending sound)

word family printables from Storytime Standouts

short a family mats printable from The Measured Mom

short i word slider cards from The Measured Mom

word family fishing game from I Can Teach My Child

word family pull out activity from I Can Teach My Child

word family blackout from This Reading Mama

Hubbard’s Cupboard has a bunch of printables and booklets for a variety of word families

word family books from This Reading Mama

word family printables from Kindergarten Mom

word family worksheets from Education.com

word family freebies from Teachers Pay Teachers

Sight Words

sight word lists, cards, lessons, and games from sightwords.com

writing sight words worksheets from sightwordsgames.com

sight word printables from Kindergarten Mom

free kindergarten sight word resources from Teachers Pay teachers

sight word printables from A to Z Teacher Stuff

how to teach kindergarten sight words + printables from Your Modern Family

free sight word printables from The Kindergarten Connection

free printable Dolch sight word lists by grade from Dolchword.net

dab and dot sight word printables from Kindergarten Mom

high frequency words worksheets from My Teaching Station

sight word worksheets from The Measured Mom

hands-on sight word activities from What I Have Learned Teaching

wall caterpillar sight words from Confessions of a Homeschooler

easy word searches from Confessions of a Homeschooler

Short and Long Vowel Sounds

long vowel sounds activities from Teach Me I’m Yours

how to teach vowel sounds so kids will remember from Child1st.com

short and long vowel sorting mats from The Measured Mom

roll a long vowel board game from The Measured Mom

5 short vowel activities from Learning at the Pond

tips for teaching vowel sounds from This Reading Mama

printable vowel chart and activities from All About Learning Press

free vowel activities from Have Fun Teaching


free sequencing worksheets and activities from Teachers Pay Teachers

baseball sequencing cards from 3 Dinosaurs

15 free sequencing packs from Tot Schooling

nativity sequencing pack from 3 Dinosaurs

This Little Piggy cut and paste from Tot Schooling

plant sequence cards from File Folder Fun

caterpillar sequencing cards from Frogs and Fairies

picture sequencing game from turtlediary.com

An Old Lady Who Swallowed a… matching and sequencing from Tot Schooling

nursery rhymes sequencing packs from Tot Schooling

s’mores sequencing activity from Books and Giggles

strategies and suggestions for teaching sequencing from Reading Rockets

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Writing

uppercase and lowercase letter tracing and writing worksheets from Playing Learning

alphabet worksheets from allkidsnetwrork.com

How I Teach Handwriting (+ Printables) from The Measured Mom

capital and lowercase letter tracing worksheet from worksheetfun.com

find and trace from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

trace and erase from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

tracing, printing, matching, ordering worksheets from k5learning.com

Most Importantly

One of the reasons I don’t think a big expensive curriculum is necessary for kindergarten is because the most important thing you can for your child at this stage is read to them.

Fiction, non-fiction, magazine, labels, signs.

Just lots of reading.

Let this reading lead to discussions and questions, then answering those questions.

To supplement the reading, and to work on math and writing, I like to use free resources because, well, they’re free. I either find them on the internet or create them myself. As I was looking for activities for my daughter I decided to collect them into this post so that I could easily find them later and to help other homeschool moms. I hope you find this collection of free kindergarten resources to be helpful in your homeschooling journey.

Be sure to save this post for later, so you can refer back to it as your child progresses through the skills throughout the year!

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