50+ Non-Worksheet Homeschool Activities

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As homeschool moms, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the “we have to get the textbooks done!” mentality that we can forget about all the other ways to incorporate learning into our homeschool day.

I decided to compile a list of “non-worksheet” homeschool activities to round out your homeschool day. This list was as much for me as it is for you because I get stuck in the same rut! But, some of the best learning is done and the best memories are made when we put down the text books and have some real fun! Let’s go!

1 Cook

2 Clean

3 Sew

4 Draw

5 Watch a documentary

6 Do a Lego challenge

7 Complete a STEM Challenge

8 Paint

9 Take a walk

10 Visit a playground

11 Read a book

12 Teach your children to fold laundry

13 Do some woodworking

14 Learn computer coding

15 Look up something your child chooses

16 Go to the grocery store

17 Read a map

18 Visit a museum

19 Learn new computer skills

20 Do a community service project

21 Talk about personal hygiene

22 Do some yard work

23 Work in the garden

24 Go see a play

25 Go to a concert

26 Swim

27 Visit a farmer’s market

28 Learn a new outdoor skill

29 Go for a hike

30 Tell stories

31 Play hide & seek

32 Do a puzzle

33 Watch a “how to” video

34 Play a board game

35 Do some dancing

36 Color

37 Play with Play-dough or MadMattr

38 Play basketball

39 Do a craft

40 Play soccer

41 Create an American Ninja Warrior course

42 Do a science experiment

43 Play a card game

44 Play 20 Questions

45 Build a fort

46 Play with pattern blocks

47 Put on a play

48 Go for a bike ride

49 visit the library

50 Have recess with friends

51 Everyone in the family chooses someone for whom to do something nice

52 Cut and Paste Learning Activities

There are endless other possibilities if you just use your imagination! Did you see a homeschool activity that interests you, but you aren’t sure where to get started? Google and Pinterest are great places to do some research. These don’t have to be fancy, expensive ideas – you can do a lot for free!

Workbooks and textbooks are an important part of homeschooling, sure, but they aren’t meant to be ALL of homeschooling. Get out and have some fun!

Do you have another homeschool activity that your family loves to do? Let me know in the comments and I will add it to the list.

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