Addition Math Maze for Kindergarten

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My middle daughter, T, is not a big fan of worksheets. This kind of threw me for a loop because her older sister, N, loved kindergarten worksheets and workbooks. So, it took me a little while to get the wheels turning creating kindergarten learning activities for her. But, I’m getting there and today I’m sharing a free kindergarten math maze game!

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I used to create math mazes for my high schoolers when I was teaching public school and they loved them! So, I thought, probably my younger ladies will like them, too!

Sure enough, even though the math problems were way below her level, big sister N wanted in on the fun. (I created some harder addition mazes for her, you can see them on a different post.) I even had to help little sister J with her maze. It was so cute! J is three, so I would tell her the answer, then ask her the math question and she would yell out the answer as if she came up with it on her own! She was so excited she was cracking me up!

Image of free simple addition math maze for kindergarten with bubble background

The kindergarten standards ask that children be very good at adding within five. So, this free kindergarten math maze uses only numbers 0 – 5. This makes it a great kindergarten math activity because little learners can easily use their fingers to come up with answers!

I showed T a problem or two since this was her first maze and then she was off. She is at that stage where she gets so excited when she is able to complete activities on her own. So this maze was perfect.

You could use this free kindergarten math maze as a little extra practice or as a fun addition to your kindergarten math lesson. It is also a great activity to pull out when you need a few minutes to help an older sibling (or put the baby down to nap). It was such a hit that I already have plans on my schedule to create more math maze puzzles for the girls! I have some ideas to create some mazes around other subjects, too, so stay tuned for those!

How Does the Math Maze Work?

Think of this math maze as the fun version of an addition worksheet. Children start, well, at Start, LOL. For this particular math maze activity, the start is in the lower right corner.

Bertie the Bee going to the flower kindergarten addition maze

Children answer the simple addition problem in the start box. They choose the path that has the correct answer and move to the box that path leads to. They continue solving the addition problems in each box and moving along the paths with the correct answers until they reach the flower at the end. I created a fun little scenario for the maze – the kids are helping Bertie the Bee find her way to the flower at the end of the maze! So, this math maze activity could also go well with a unit study on bees.

If you are looking for additional mazes I have a 3-pack available for purchase in my shop. The additional mazes all have different problems, different paths, and different fun scenarios. They are perfect if your child needs a little extra practice, but doesn’t want to do a traditional math worksheet.

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