Christmas Mad Libs Printable

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The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a hard time when it comes to focusing on school work! Use this Christmas Mad Libs printable to add some fun and silliness to your language arts time this holiday season. Simply sign up in the box at the bottom of this post and you can grab it from my Homeschool Resource Library!

Christmas Mad Libs printable

My daughter doesn’t really like to write or practice her language arts. She is in second grade and she loves the idea of creative writing, but she is also a perfectionist. This causes her to get frustrated very easily with her writing and spelling because, as we all know, writing and spelling take time and they can be tedious skills to learn.

I have started creating fill-in-the-blank writing activities for her. I gradually add more and more blanks or mix in shorter writing activities in an effort to build her writing stamina.

I came across the idea of Mad Libs one day and thought that would be a perfect addition to our homeschool schedule! I remember having a blast doing Mad Libs with my friends as a kid! Since it is close to Christmas I thought a Twas the Night Before Christmas Mad Libs would be super fun and silly, but I couldn’t find one. So, I made my own!

We completed the activity yesterday and my second grader LOVED it! I had to print a second copy, so my kindergartner could do her own version. (obviously, I had to help her with suggestions for the different parts of speech, but it was a good opportunity to talk about them!)

Twas the Night Before Christmas pg1
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I took the famous poem by Clement Clarke Moore and removed several of the parts of speech throughout the entire poem. Now, your child can come up with their own zany words to make a totally wacky new version of the poem!

For example, my daughter’s poem was no longer Twas the Night Before Christmas, but morphed into Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.

Twas the Night Before Christmas pg2


The parts of speech that I included were nouns, verbs, and adjectives. The nouns are specified as plural, things, animal, etc. when needed. Most of the verbs are past tense and I specify that, as well. There are a few times when I just used the specific type of word I was looking for, for example, “famous person” instead of “noun – famous person.”

How to Complete a Mad Lib

If this is your first time doing a Mad Lib, then let me give you some quick directions. When you look at the printable, you will see lots of blanks with descriptions underneath. For example, one description might say “noun”.

To complete the activity, do NOT let your child look at the activity while you are completing it. They should have no idea what the real story says. This lets them be more creative and makes for a funnier story when you read it aloud.

Tell your child what part of speech you need and give them some time to think of one. My daughter asked for suggestions sometimes when it came to fun adjectives or verbs, so feel free to help as needed. Giving suggestions just adds to your child’s creative vocabulary for the future!

Twas the Night Before Christmas pg3

Once your child has provided words for all the blanks in the story, it is time to read it aloud and have a good laugh!

My daughter had George Washington coming the night before Thanksgiving in a sleigh pulled by eight prickly bees! Oh, how the girls laughed when I was reading this!

I hope you and your children enjoy this Christmas Mad Libs printable. Simply sign up below and you can grab it in my Homeschool Resource Library!

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