30 Easy & Fun Ideas for Wacky Wednesday

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Do you have a memory from your childhood that just makes you smile or laugh whenever it pops into your mind? Creating fun, wacky memories is such a great part of childhood.

And kids love to be wacky!

Today I am sharing ideas to go along with Dr. Seuss’s book, Wacky Wednesday! It’s such a fun and silly book, kids love it! Plus, it lets children work on their observation and focusing skills. Kids love to look for all the wacky things on each page. It reminds me of a whole book of those “What’s Silly” pages in Highlights magazines.

Read on in this post for 30 Ideas for Wacky Wednesday and bring the wackiness to life!

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It’s no wonder that Dr. Seuss is one of the most popular children’s authors of all time with his goofy, wacky way of talking. And all the silly things that happen in his books! Whether it’s green eggs, made-up creatures, or silly shenanigans, Dr. Seuss is great at delighting young kids!

Do you know what is more fun than just reading about all Dr. Seuss’ wacky stunts?!

When kids can experience them for themselves!

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

In this post you will find 30 Ideas for Wacky Wednesday:

~ 8 Wacky Wednesday ideas for around your house

~ 7 Wacky Wednesday ideas for your classroom or homeschool area

~ 5 Wacky Wednesday ideas for dress up

~ 5 Wacky Wednesday crafts

~ 5 Wacky Wednesday science activities

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8 Wacky Ideas for Around the House

  1. Get wacky with your meals. Have dinner for breakfast or have a wacky meal. I saw a suggestion somewhere to have ‘banana dogs’ for lunch. Put a banana in a hot dog bun, top it with peanut butter and jelly for mustard and ketchup! What fun!!
  2. Sleep upside down. Put your pillow (or just your kids’) at the foot of their beds and sleep upside down.
  3. Walk backward. Mix it up and walk backward as you move around the house. Or you could walk sideways. Or ask your children for a wacky walking suggestion!
  4. Wacky speak! Mix up the meanings of your words. Maybe ‘No’ means Yes and ‘Yes’ means No on Wacky Wednesday! Or ‘Hello’ means ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Goodbye’ means ‘Hello’!
  5. Have a picnic under the table. Put down a table cloth under the table and eat on the floor!
  6. Rearrange the kitchen cabinets. Do your kids help you set the table? Rearrange how the silverware or plates and cups are placed in the cabinets. Your kiddos will think it’s a riot trying to find the right items to set the table!
  7. Wear mismatched shoes! I have to admit – one of my children does this quite often on her own. But, it would be fun for everyone to take a turn at it for a day!
  8. Turn a few household items upside down. This could be pictures, clocks, handsoap dispenser….whatever! Take a look around and see what you can turn upside down. Then watch as your children giggle when they discover something else wacky!
Sandals on the wall
I used Sticky Tack to make the sandals stick to the wall.

7 Wacky Wednesday Ideas for the Classroom/ Homeschool Room

  1. Put socks on your table or chairs. Use funky knee-high socks (often available at a dollar store) to dress up the legs of your classroom table and/or chairs!
  2. Read aloud – backward. Have a wacky read-aloud time by starting at the end of a book and reading to the beginning!
  3. Place items in your classroom backward or upside down. Turn the desks and chairs (or table and chairs) around to face the opposite direction. Turn the clock upside down. Look at maps upside down. Watch videos upside down on a tablet. Turn posters on your walls or bulletin boards upside down.
  4. Rearrange your chairs. Maybe you have centers or reading areas – change them up. Move the cushions around, change the layout of the classroom, etc.
  5. Put some shoes on the wall. This is a great one to have ready when the kids wake up or enter the classroom. You can use Command Strips or Sticky Tack to stick a pair (or two or three) of shoes to the wall, as if the shoes are walking up the wall – just like in the book!
  6. Change the month on the calendar. See how long it takes your kids to notice!
  7. Talk wacky! This could mean using made-up words for familiar objects – sitatamajig for a table, sitonamathing for a chair, readamuthing for a book – take a cue from Dr. Seuss’s wacky word style and have fun with this. The kids will love thinking of wacky words once they start!

Read These Fun & Wacky Books!

5 Wacky Dress-Up Ideas

  1. Inside Out Day – Wear your clothes inside out or in the wrong order!
  2. Crazy Hair – If you have long hair you can use hair ties, pipe cleaners, ribbons, and other do-dads to create a wacky hairstyle. If you have short hair you can use hair chalk to give your hair a wacky color makeover for the the day!
  3. Wacky Nails – paint your fingernails (or toenails if they are going to be visible) in wacky colors or patterns. Maybe paint them all different colors or add polka dots!
  4. Wear your clothes backwards! Turn your clothes around and wear them backwards. This is especially noticeable and fun for jackets, backpacks, etc.
  5. Wacky Glasses – Grab some super wacky play glasses or ones with different colored lenses from a dollar store. You can also find those ones where the eyeballs are on springy-mabobs and pop all around….Wacky! (Here is a DIY post on making your own wacky glasses!)
Crazy Hair
We used beads, pipe cleaners, sparkly gauze and decorations to make was crazy hair!

5 Wacky Crafts

  1. Make a Wacky Sack. These DIY stress balls are simple to make and kids can make them as wacky as they want!
  2. Wacky Bird Craft. With just some paint, feathers, and glue your kids will love making their own wacky bird.
  3. Create Sticky Sticks Silly Hair Puppets. Using craft sticks, pipe cleaners, googley eyes, feathers, and glue kids can create a stick puppet as wacky as they want!
  4. Screaming Self-Portrait Wacky Hair Art Project. We did this project last year and it was a total hit! The kids love giving themselves colorful, wacky hair!
  5. Wacky Sock Puppets. Let your children’s creativity flow with these wacky sock puppets. Then you could put on a wacky play!

5 Wacky Wednesday Science Activities

  1. Make Electric Dough! Learn how to make electric dough with just a few simple ingredients. Then test it out in your own DIY circuit!
  2. Pour a Rainbow Jar! Learn about density while making a rainbow jar. Your kids will have fun pouring the different layers in.
  3. Grow an overnight crystal garden! This is a beautiful experiment to wake up to!
  4. Make Oobleck dance! Learn about soundwaves with dancing oobleck. Add some food coloring for really wacky dance moves!
  5. See the inside of an egg! Turn an egg into a transparent egg! You can even try to bounce it!

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