30+ Entertaining Podcasts for Kids (and Adults) of All Ages

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Going on a car trip soon? Podcasts can help. Live far out of town and need something to liven up the drive to grocery store, karate, or dance class? Podcasts can help. Need a calming bedtime routine and don’t want to read aloud every night? Podcasts can help!

Podcasts for kids are so popular because they’re so good! There are educational podcasts, story podcasts for young children, exciting fictional podcasts for older kids and teens. The list goes on! If you are looking to listen instead of watch, then there is a podcast for you and your kids. Podcasts are a great way to have entertainment and engage more brain cells since they are screen free, too! Podcasts are just awesome really.

I’ve rounded up the most entertaining, educational, and imaginative podcasts for kids of all ages below. The best part? Adults will enjoy these podcasts, too! Download a few episodes of several shows until you find your favorite (or five favorite, whatever).

podcasts for kids of all ages
Check out this huge list of podcasts for kids and find your next favorite family podcast!

Podcasts for Young Kids

Circle Round

This was one of our first podcasts we fell in love with and still listen to it often! The stories are from all around the world and are often new to us stories. I put this in the young kids category, but my almost 10 year old thoroughly enjoys these stories, as well.

What If World Podcast

What If World is a story-telling podcast where Mr. Eric takes questions from listeners and spins them into stories! Some episodes include What If Houses Were Made Out of Blueberry Muffins?, What If You Got Captured by Ninja Trolls?, and more! This was named one of the best podcasts for kids by Fatherly, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Huffpost, and more!

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: Science Fiction for Kids

This podcast is a story, so you should start with episode 1 and go in order. Finn and his friends live on an exploratory space station and you follow them on all their adventures helping aliens and solving mysteries. It’s sort of like Scooby-Doo in space.

Stories Podcast: A Bedtime Show for Kids of All Ages

The folks at Stories perform a new story each week ranging from retelling of classic fairy tales and children’s stories to completely original works. Everything is G rated and perfect for creative families who love to hearing imaginative tales!


Providing free audio stories to the world since 2005, Storynory showcases imagination, good writing, and great narration. This podcast generally focuses on fiction stories, but they have started to produce some factual content now, as well. Here is what the Sunday Times said about Storynory in 2017:

“…The atmosphere of this is a world away from the frenetic air of many other children’s offerings, replete with bells and whistles and “fun” sound effects. Instead, this is storytelling as Homer used to do it: one person, telling a story with the special effects that used to be known as ‘words’. You can almost hear the narrator settling into their armchair by the fire as they begin telling some of the best-known stories from history. Aladdin, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Baba Yaga . . . they’re all here. If Aesop were to make a podcast, it would sound something like this.”

Little Stories for Tiny People

Just like the title implies, these are stories for the youngest listeners in your life. These original stories are created and performed by Rhea Pecter and are perfect for tired parents, teachers, or baby-sitters.

The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl podcast is a weekly music show for the whole family to enjoy. Shows are almost 2 hours long and feature original funky songs for kids with names like “The Eyeball People, If You Really Like Cows, Adding Numbers, and much, much more!

Be Calm on Ahway Island

Each short episode of Ahway Island features a soothing kid-friendly meditation followed by an original story with a positive message. Characters include animals, vehicles, toys, tools, kids, and a beloved dragon!

Earth Rangers

If your kids love animals, then you’ll want to download a few episodes of Earth Rangers right away! You’ll join Emma as she travels the world discovering wild animal facts and solving nature’s biggest mysteries. There are top ten countdowns, animal guessing games, and more!

Molly of Denali

Here is a podcast for lovers of the show Molly of Denali. Now in it’s third season, this podcast follows Molly on her big adventures living in Alaska.

Story Time

Fun stories for young children. These would be perfect for bedtime or in the car.

Story Seeds

Each episode matches a child with a famous author who helps them grow their story ideas. Then, the author uses their idea to write an original story and shares it on the show!

Podcasts for Tweens and Teens

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

From Vermont Public Radio, But Why is a question and answer podcast covering all sorts of topics!

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

This scripted podcast is told by middle grade kids for middle grade kids! A Peabody Award winner, it is a serial mystery (that means listen to the episodes in order) that they describe as Goonies meets Spy Kids meets Stranger Things. This podcast is recommended for kiddos ages 8-12.

Short and Curly

This fast-paced, fun-filled ethics podcast for kids (and their parents) brings questions and ideas to really get you thinking. Questions include topics like animals, school, technology, pop culture, and the future. They also provide questions to think about and time to discuss them.

Smash Boom Best

From the creators of Brains On!, Smash Boom Best is a debate podcast for kids and families. Each episode takes two different things and and lets you decide which is best. Using facts and passion to make their cases, this podcast also helps listeners learn how to defend their own opinions.

The Big Fib

Using an interview set up, The Big Fib has kids interviewing two people from a given field. But, one of them is an imposter! Listeners try to guess who is the real expert and who it lying. This podcast helps kids learn to ask insightful questions, weigh the evidence, and trust their gut!

Treasure Island 2020

A modern day reimagining of the classic Treasure Island. This podcast is a Peabody Award nominee!

Mayan Crystal

This short podcast (it’s only seven episodes) follows an 11-year-old Belizean girl who accidentally releases an evil spirit and then goes on a thrilling adventure to save her home and her people. This one sounds fun!

Book Club for Kids

This podcast for middle grades (or I would say some are good for upper elementary, too) looks so fun! Kids can read the book and then listen to other kids discuss the book (they can even be on the show!), listen to interviews and even celebrity readers! I’m definitely showing this one to my book-obsessed 10 year old!

Buttons & Figs

A word play podcast for kids! How exciting!! Each episode features a famous poem, story, or other great nonsense literature. Listeners will get inspired to read, write, and play with words. I think I’ll try this one with my child who loves to read, but doesn’t like to write so much.

Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff and Friends

Discover, declare, and realize your dreams! Each episode features an interview with actors, authors, and other famous people whose stories will inspire you to chase your dreams!


Here is a podcast about culture, advice, and storytelling that is produced by people who are almost adults for people who are almost adults.

Science Podcasts

Tumble: A Science Podcast for Kids

Tumble is a science podcast for kids that the entire family can enjoy. Join the hosts, Lindsay and Marshall, as they tell stories about scientific discoveries, uncover mysteries, and share other cool science stories!

Brains On!

If you’ve got a science lover be sure to check out this award winning podcast from American Public Media..

Wow in the World!

From Tinkercast, Join hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas on a journey away from your screens, inside your brain, out into space, and deep into the coolest new stories in science, technology, and innovation. Tinkercast also produces Two Whats?! And a Wow! and How to be and Earthling.

The Big Melt

Hosted by a kid who is concerned about climate change, The Big Melt asks questions and tries to get answers to today’s climate change issues.

History Podcasts

The Past & the Curious

A history podcast for kids and families, this podcast has episodes about Satchel Paige, the accidental invention of some famous toys, Abraham Lincoln’s underpants (!!), plus much, much more!

Who, When, Wow!

From the creators of Wow in the World, this history podcast delves into the lives of unsung heroes, amazing heroines, and incredible humans from the past.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Join your hosts, Holly and Tracy, as they bring you historical tidbits that your history teacher probably skipped over.

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