Have Fun While Teaching Letter Recognition With Alphabet Bingo

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Before becoming a mother, I taught high school math.  So, I never taught very many “learning the ABCs” kind of activities.  My how life changes!  Now that I stay home with the pumpkins and my oldest just turned 5, we do ABC activities for all the time.  I love looking for and coming up with new activities for letter recognition.

Why Try an Activity?

My biggest pumpkin learns new things very quickly. My middle pumpkin is, hmmm, less focused we’ll say, at the moment, but I still think she should at least know her letter names, sooooo, I try to do it through activities.  Today, I want to share what is possibly their favorite alphabet activity – Alphabet Bingo!

My girls are really into Bingo.  We traveled to Texas recently for a family reunion and played Bingo one night.  It gave me the idea to create some Alphabet Bingo Cards for my two oldest pumpkins to play.  I started with a lowercase set to see how it went.  Well, they LOVED it!  Like, asked me to play several times each day and just about every day since, loved it.  I thought they would like it, but I was actually surprised how much they loved it.  I recently bought some Dot Markers and they worked perfectly for Bingo.

So, a couple days later, I created an uppercase set (you can download it by signing up in the box above).  And it is just as big of a hit!  

Fun For All Ages

My middle pumpkin is really the reason I created the sets, since I wanted her to learn the names of her letters.  But, it surprised me how much my biggest pumpkin like the games, too.  So, if you are sitting there going, well, that’s nice, but I don’t think my 5 (or 6 or whatever) year old is going to want to play with my 2 or 3 year old, you might be surprised.  Although, it may be the fact that they each got “prizes” at the end when they got Bingo (and they tended to be in the chocolate or gummy variety)!  All in the name of learning!  I’m working on a “mixed” version that includes both upper and lowercase on the same boards and I will share that with you once it’s done.  In the meantime, have fun learning those letters!

Get Your Copy Today!

Get your free set of Alphabet Bingo cards!  Just sign up in the box below.  And be sure to pick up a set of Dot Markers to use while you play.  My pumpkins love these markers!

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